DIN 2391 Precision cold drawn seamless steel tube

DIN 2391 standard for precision cold drawn seamless steel tube

Out diameter:16-325
Wall thickness: 1-22
Length: Max:12000

Main application:
Hydraulic system with steel, automotive steel, widely used in the hydraulic system in steel tube, injection molding machine in steel tube, hydraulic press in steel tube, steel tube, EVA foam hydraulic machinery, precision hydraulic steel pipe cutting machine, shoe-making machinery, hydraulic equipment, high pressure tubing, hydraulic tubing, card sets of joints, pipe joints, rubber machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, engineering machinery, automobile high pressure steel pipe concrete pump, sanitation vehicle, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, metal processing, military industry, diesel engine, the internal combustion engine, air compressor, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, etc.

Chemical component(%)

 steel grade  C max  Si max  Mn  P max  S max
 St35  0.17  0.35  0.40  0.025  0.025
 St45  0.21  0.35  0.40  0.025  0.025
 St52  0.22  0.35  1.60  0.025  0.025

Mechanical properties(Mpa)

 Delivery conditions  cold working(hard)BK  cold working(soft)BKW  Cold working and eliminate force BKS  annealing(GBK)  normalizing(NSK)
 steel grade  /  /  /  /  /
 St35  TS:480   E:6  TS:420   E:10  TS:420   YS:315    E:14  TS:315   E:25  TS:340-470   YS:235    E:25
 St45  TS:580   E:5  TS:520   E:8  TS:520   YS:375    E:12  TS:390   E:21  TS:440-570   YS:255    E:21
 St52  TS:640   E:4  TS:580   E:7  TS:580   YS:420    E:10  TS:490   E:22  TS:490-630   YS:355    E:22

Remark: TS: Tensile Strength  YS: Yield Strength   E: Elongation


Post time: Oct-15-2019