Drainage pipeline

Drainage pipeline refers to the collection and discharge of sewage, waste water and rainwater pipe drainage system and affiliated facilities. Including dry pipe, branch pipe and pipe leading to treatment plants, Regardless of the pipeline on the street or in any other place, as long as they play the role of drainage pipes, drainage pipeline should be as statistics. According to all the main drain pipes length, main and branch pipe and the inspection shaft, connecting shaft import and export, such as the length and calculate, not including the rain to the drainage pipe connections between pipe, into the household and open channel. Calculations shall be computed according to the single pipe, that is,  if two or more side by side drains on the same street, they shall be calculated on each length of the sum of the drainage pipeline.

Type of drainage pipeline

Galvanized iron pipes

Galvanized iron pipe is the most use of a material, as galvanized iron pipe corrosion caused by high levels of heavy metals in water, it will affect human health, in many developed and developing regions, government departments have begun to explicitly prohibit the use of galvanized iron pipes. At present, China is gradually phase out this type of pipe.

Copper pipe

Copper pipe is a kind of more traditional but the price is more expensive pipe material, durable and construction is more convenient in many imported sanitary ware products, copper pipe is the first choice due to the cheap price, in addition to copper corrosion is on the one hand factor.

Stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of relatively durable material but its price is higher, and the construction technology demand is higher, especially the material strength is hard, the processing is very difficult, Therefore, there is a lower probability selected in the renovation works.

Plastic composite pipe

Plastic composite pipe is more popular in pipe market because of its light weight, durable and convenient construction, which can be more suitable for home improvement bending use. Its main disadvantage is that when used for hot water pipes, thermal expansion and contraction due to the long wall will cause dislocation resulting in leakage.

PVC plastic pipe

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic pipe is a kind of modern synthetic materials. But in recent years the technology found that can make the PVC more soft chemical additive phthalein, impact on the kidney, liver, testes in the human body, which can cause cancer, kidney damage, damage to human body function reconstruction system, influence the development. In general, because its strength is far from suitable for mains pressure requirements, so rarely used in water pipe. In most cases, PVC pipe is suitable for the wire and tube and drainage pipes.

Post time: Sep-11-2019