Effect of pipe blank on the quality of structural seamless pipe

The quality of the pipe blank is the primary factor in determining the quality of the seamless pipe. In order to guarantee the reasonable progress of the perforation process and obtain high-quality seamless pipes, strict requirements must be imposed on the geometry, low-power structure and surface state of the pipe blank.

If the diameter of the tube blank is too large or the ellipse is too large, the bite conditions during perforation will be deteriorated, and the inward folding will be caused due to the excessive compression of the tube blank diameter.

Internal organization refers to shrinkage and central porosity, accumulation of non-metallic inclusions, and gas content. The severity of this requirement varies with the use of seamless pipes and the type of steel.

The most important thing is the surface quality of the tube blank, because the tube blank is taken to the seamless tube of the product in any handicapped city, and the place where the handicapped is frequently caused by stress concentration, the plastic deformation will make the handicap deeper and longer.

To sum up, in order to produce high-quality seamless pipe products, it is the most important step to ensure the quality of the pipe blank.

Post time: Mar-18-2020