Effect of steel composition on the zinc coating

When the meter steel workpieces, the selection of steel, usually the main consideration is: the mechanical properties (strength, toughness, etc.), processing performance and cost. But for galvanized parts, the composition of the selection of materials, the quality of the hot-dip galvanizing has great influence.

One of corrosion of galvanized steel corrosion prevention method for a variety of environments but must pay attention to the use of features, almost all the steel is suitable for hot-dip galvanizing, such as hot-rolled, cold-rolled steel, cast steel, forged steel, cast iron materials such as steel, mostly for anti-corrosion can be hot-dip galvanizing method, in order to improve life.

Quantities used ordinary carbon and low-alloy high-strength structural steel galvanized products the most common. However, the main chemical ingredients to obtain excellent galvanized layer of the steel material are: carbon content ≤0.25%, phosphorus content ≤0.04%, manganese content ≤1.35%, silicon content ≤0.03% or 0.15% ~ 0.25 % (0.03% to 0.15% of violent iron loss, the workpiece dark skin, peeling). Obviously, not all of ordinary carbon and low-alloy high-strength structural steel meets the requirements of this composition range.

Post time: Nov-17-2020