Groove connection

Groove connection is a new method of steel pipe connections, also called clamp connections, which has many advantages. Automatic sprinkler system design specifications proposed pipeline connection system should be used grooved or threaded fittings, flanges; system pipe diameter equal to or greater than 100mm should be segmented flange or groove connection.

Grooved fittings include two categories of products: the connecting pipe fittings seal rigid joints, flexible connectors, mechanical tee and groove flange; transition from the role of connecting pipe fittings elbow, tee, Stone, reducers, blind panels. The connecting seal groove connecting pipe has three main components: rubber seal ring, clamp and locking bolts. Located outside the inner rubber seal being placed in the connection pipe, and a groove made ​​in advance roller coincide, then wear the outer rubber ring clamps, and can be fastened with two screws. Due to its rubber seals and seal clamp using the unique structural design can make the groove connector has a good seal, and with the fluid pressure inside the tube increased, a corresponding increase its tightness.

Pipe trench connecting note:

1) pipe cutting: cutting pipe use mechanical methods, pipe cut end should be perpendicular to the central axis of the pipe, the cut surface should be smooth, without cracks, punch, necking, slag, oxides, and polished smooth.

2) When the pipe end should be part of the pipe trench processing leveling circle is not round and of uniform thickness, surface dirt, paint, rust, etc. should be removed.

Post time: Oct-25-2019