How to make steel tubes

Crossed, lower materials and beveling
Steel construction drawings based crossed and consider cutting losses, welding shrinkage and other factors. After marking with a stamp, paint, pipe segments were marked, section number, flow direction, horizontal and vertical centerline, bevel angle and cutting lines symbol. Steel plate beveling materials using CNC cutting machine or semi-automatic cutting machine for processing, steel dimensions and cut quality to meet regulatory requirements. Groove surface slag, burrs, defects using angle grinder to clean up. Beveling immediately after stencilled non-toxic and does not affect the welding performance, quality, anti-rust paint.

Cold-rolled steel coil method. Coil steel rolling direction and the same direction, the steel port is not allowed to use the hammer method and calibration tube bending curvature. Roll formed steel tube upright in a free state on the platform, with the model check the pipe curvature

Longitudinal seam steel X-shaped groove double-sided welding. The same section of pipe welded longitudinal seam submerged arc welding using, generally within the first welding seam, seam appearance inside pass the inspection, the use of carbon arc gouging back gouging  treated after passing the outer weld seam. Butt weld test piece before soldering welding procedure qualification. Assessed according to product standards and design before the technical requirements for using steel grades, thickness, welding, welding material grades and groove type, formulation technology program. Its process solutions include beveling, assembly, cleaning, preheating temperature, interpass temperature and post-heating temperature and time, welding parameters, welding position, welding layers and channel number, the line energy range, weld stress relief heat treatment specifications and inspection, testing projects and programs.

Tone round
Round steel pipe tune on the platform at the right circle, using homemade rice-shaped tone tone round frame round. After adjusting circular symmetry of the pipe port to be supported to prevent pipe welding deformation when moving or lifting.

Post time: Aug-27-2019