Key points to select thick-walled honing tube

The key of selection of thick-walled honing tube to note good quality thick-walled tube honing cross textured surface, is conducive to the lubricating oil storage and oil film maintained. The surface of the support have a higher rate (actual hole axis and the contact area between the mating area ratio), which can withstand greater load, wear resistance, thereby increasing the life of the product. Honing speed is low (a few tenths of grinding speed) and Whetstone are surface contact with the hole, so the small average grinding pressure of each grain, and so when honing, heat the workpiece is very small, almost workpiece surface no thermal damage and deterioration layer, small deformation.

Honing surface almost no embedded sand and squeeze hard layer. Thick-walled tube honing trend decline in demand from the back to the time of cyclical fluctuations, previous experience shows that when the degree of improvement is relatively limited demand for short-term steel prices to rebound when the recovery is sustained critical decisions. The stock is the result of changes in demand, often difficult to judge the short thick-walled tube honing several inflection point, the current round is expected to rebound in several thick-walled tube honing is no exception.

Post time: Jan-12-2021