Matters needing attention in storage and construction of galvanized pipe

Matters needing attention in storage and procurement of galvanized pipes Galvanized pipes are very common in people. It is very common for users to use heating pipes for heating. Galvanized pipes are coated with zinc inside to play a role of corrosion resistance. Due to improper use or being wet and prolonged by water, the outer wall of the steel pipe will fall off a layer, and the time for such a steel pipe will be greatly shortened. The above is the steel pipe used in our daily use.

What are the construction methods and main points of galvanized pipe construction?

The galvanized pipes are inspected in detail when they enter the site, and they are required to have a neat appearance, no rust spots, and no deformation; when they are stacked, they must be neatly stacked, and they must be protected from rain to prevent the galvanized pipes from “whitening”. Galvanized pipe sleeves require neat wire buckles without broken wires. The galvanized steel pipe connected to the clamp requires a special rolling groove rolling machine, and it is required to cooperate with the clamp.

Post time: Jan-07-2020