PE coated pipe

PE coating, a thermosetting epoxy powder, non-toxic paint, curing to form a coating of high molecular weight cross-linked structure, with excellent chemical resistance and high mechanical properties, in particular the best abrasion resistance and adhesion. The coating is 100% solids, solvent-free, pollution-free, powder utilization up to 95%, and is buried steel pipeline quality anti-corrosion coatings.

Epoxy powder has been applied using electrostatic spraying process. Since epoxy powder Dip Process troubled by adhesion, epoxy powder dip never able widely used. In recent years, along with three special coconut epoxy powder dip phosphating successfully developed the first capture of the adhesion of epoxy powder dip process problems, epoxy powder dip began to promote this emerging technology.

PE coating for steel pipe coating type, humidity, temperature, etc. determine water absorption coating, coating thickness under the same conditions with the coating as a function of resistance to penetration. Studies have shown that the formation of a crosslinked epoxy certain amount of channels, these channels of water molecules into the epoxy resin provides a channel. Arrival from the tunnel into the coating solution / metal interface, the interface reaction with the metal corrosion product film, this layer prevents corrosion product metal and reaction solution, the coating resistance decreases. As more and more corrosive ions reach the interface, this layer of corrosion product film gradually being destroyed, increased corrosion, resulting epoxy coating stripped from the drum. FBE coatings cured still rich in ether and hydroxyl, these reactive functional group by a chemical bond with the pipe surface layer firmly bonded together to form a corrosion resistant coating. Opening up the coating, compactness and pinholes and other reasons, have varying degrees of coating and has a water permeability, if excessive cathodic protection, cathodic hydrogen evolution, with the accumulation of active hydrogen atoms, to a certain extent, of hydrogen with ether group and a hydroxyl reaction, thereby undermine the adhesion of the coating and the steel pipe, resulting in adhesion force disappears. The result is the coating from the pipe off.

Post time: Sep-18-2019