Points of stainless steel tube when stip annealed

1, The annealing temperature can reach temperatures of rules. Stainless steel tube heat treatment is generally solution heat treatment, it is often referred to as “annealing”, 1040-1120 ℃ temperature range (JST). You can also look at the hole annealing furnace, annealing should incandescence with a stainless steel tube, but showed no softening sagging.

2, The annealing atmosphere. Generally use pure hydrogen annealing atmosphere, an atmosphere of purity of more than 99.99% of the best, if the other part is an inert gas, to a purity low point, but does not contain too much oxygen, water vapor.

3, Body sealing. Bright annealing furnace should be enclosed with the outside air isolation; the use of hydrogen gas as the maintenance, as long as a communication (for igniting the hydrogen discharge). Check with the joint space in the annealing furnace soap and water ways, and see if you can run gas; a gas is most likely to run in the middle of the central tube and central tube annealing furnace, central seals are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear, you should always check the change often.

4, To maintain gas pressure. To avoid rendering the micro-leakage, gas stove repair should adhere to the positive pressure of hydrogen gas, if you want to maintain a normal request, said 20kbar.

5, Steam furnace. On the one hand, to check the furnace material may be dry, first installed furnace, furnace data must be dry; two stainless steel tube furnaces can be remaining water, especially if there is more than one weep hole tube, do not go, if you put the stove atmosphere destruction.

Post time: Oct-20-2021