Precautions for assembly of L245 pipeline steel pipe

The L245 pipeline steel pipe is deep loosening shovel is a chisel-shaped shovel, which has a good deep loosening effect and low operation resistance. After loosening, the bottom is a rat passage, which increases the anti-waterlogging ability. After the subsoiling shovel enters the soil, it can effectively loosen the bottom of the plow, keep the soil intact, and at the same time maintain the stability of the plowshare, ensure consistent plowing depth, no stubble, and no missed plowing, and solve the problem of plowing for many years. Problem.

Reduce the number of operations, because the flat turning and deep loosening operations are completed at one time, the operation cost can be saved by 130 yuan/hm2. After flattening and deep loosening, the ridged state can be reached by only using a light rake once. Due to flat turning and deep loosening, soil fragmentation, high ridge formation, large light area, and rapid rise in ground temperature, early sowing can be carried out in an appropriate period, which creates conditions for seedlings to be uniform, uniform, and strong.

The repaired parts must be kept clean and can be assembled indoors. When assembling, do not directly hit the surface of the part with a hammer, and should be completed with a steel rod or hardwood rod.

When assembling the water pump, check it while installing. The pump shaft should rotate flexibly without jamming. When installing the impeller, pay attention to the installation of a locking gasket on the shaft head. After the impeller is installed, it rotates flexibly with the shaft without jamming or friction; Bearings should be coated with grease and dust cover; paper pads of appropriate thickness should be installed between the planes of the two connecting parts, and the bolts should be evenly tightened; the filler should be filled with oil-immersed packing or asbestos rope, and do not over tighten it at one time, It should be determined according to the use situation, and 30-50 drops/min of water dripping at the filling is allowed during work. Also, the belt pulley should be selected according to the speed and power mechanical speed indicated on the pump label, and the speed of the pump should not be increased at will.

Post time: Oct-21-2020