Steel Pipe Heat Nubmer

Heat number: it is a steel smelting furnace number of times with unique, traceability. Different mills have different numbering, but each furnace steel must be a number.

Heat number is divided into furnace number and batch number, the furnace “means a furnace where the steel manufacturing process; “batch”refers to a furnace with the same mass of the plate.

Steel pipe heat number is identity. Furnace steelmaking furnace tank number refers to the number of each component of the analysis have to do a furnace, the furnace steel birth number is qualitative. Batch number is the heat treatment of steel label. Mechanical analysis of each batch of products have to be done, process performance tours. batch is proof steel development.

A furnace number can be divided into several batches, the same number of the same batch of steel furnace can be different sizes, but the material is not the same level must be the same plate. Different batches of the same heat number plates can be different sizes, but the material is not the same level must be the same batch number plate is very simple, such as API 5L Gr.b, many manufacturers has this material, certainly has a lot of production out of the oven, and then shipped when necessary to send by batches, each batch will have a fat batch number. Therefore, the same batch number, different heat number is likely, but if there is quality problem, you can put there to check out the furnace problem. Similarly batches, each furnace in the process, the allowed range there will be some small differences can have a batch furnace, with about normalizing heat treatment: heat treatment along with a number count. Quenched: Each operator group (a group of more than one cut can be considered).

Post time: Mar-20-2023