Tangshan steel market generally rose, and will be closed next week

This week, the mainstream price of the spot market fluctuated and strengthened. At the beginning of the week, with the loosening of futures and the obvious decline in spot transactions, the quotations of some varieties fell slightly. However, with the rise of the stock market in the second half of the cycle and the firming of raw material prices, the current market has officially entered a holiday atmosphere, and the spot overall remains stable and strong.

On the whole, the domestic steel market price fluctuated strongly this week. Next week, the terminal enterprises and the trade market will basically be in a closed period, and the spot will be in a state of price and no market. In addition, judging from the overall stocking situation in the current market, the inventory reserves of most varieties are lower than in previous years, so the overall inventory pressure will be superimposed after the year. All in all, the market will be closed next week, and the spot market may be on a strong consolidation run.

Post time: Jan-24-2022