The 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe has these advantages

3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe refers to a 3-layer structure polyolefin coating (MAPEC) outer anti-corrosion steel pipe, which is a commonly used anti-corrosion pipe in China. At present, 3pe steel pipe is widely used, which is an indispensable steel pipe in the pipeline industry. Do you know why 3PE steel pipe is so popular? Today we come to understand what are the advantages of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe.

1.Long life

We all know that steel products are prone to severe corrosion under severe environmental conditions, reducing the service life and age of steel pipes, increasing costs, and the service life of heat-preserving and anti-corrosion steel pipes is relatively long. Generally, it can be used for up to 30-50 years, this will reduce the cost of use virtually.

Not only that, but also the correct installation and use can also reduce the maintenance cost of the pipeline, and the anticorrosive insulation steel pipe can also be equipped with an alarm system, automatic detection of leaks on the official website, accurate identification of the fault location, and automatic alarm.

2. Good insulation performance

3PE anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe has good thermal insulation performance, and the heat loss is only 25% of traditional pipes. Although short-term operation has no obvious effect, long-term operation can save a lot of resources, significantly reduce operating costs, and has a comparative Strong waterproof and corrosion resistance.

3PE anti-corrosion insulation steel pipe can be directly buried in the ground or water, and it is very convenient and fast to construct, and the comprehensive cost is not high. Because of its anti-corrosion and heat insulation characteristics, it also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance at low temperatures.

Post time: Jan-15-2020