The importance of seamless steel tubes in the industrial sector

Seamless steel pipe is a special pipe material that includes a wide range of uses. The most common materials are carbon steel and stainless steel. It is relatively easy to replace the product specifications. Currently, many seamless steel pipes are produced. The small batch production method is still used. This manufacturing method should be said to be the most common one. The mechanized production mode has improved the production efficiency of seamless steel pipes to a certain extent. The operation mode of the entire production line operation can Greatly increase production.

The heating furnace used in the production of seamless steel tubes uses a ring-shaped heating furnace. In addition to this type of heating furnace, there are other types of heating furnaces. According to the different seamless steel tubes, the specific heating methods are also different. After the heat treatment is completed, further processing is required, including the steps of straightening, finishing and inspection, so as to ensure that the quality of seamless steel pipes can be maintained at the highest level when they are on the market, so the inspection steps are essential.

The demand for various fitting materials is also constantly increasing, especially for various pipe materials, which is particularly obvious. From the perspective of the current market environment, various types of pipe materials are widely available, and different types of pipes are used in different fields. Among them, the most worthy of mention is seamless steel pipes. This pipe material has very significant advantages.

The seamless steel pipe needs to be inspected before leaving the factory, especially the tensile strength, yield point, elongation after fracture, and hardness of the seamless pipe. Quality guaranteed. According to the differences in the specific fields of use, there are also certain differences in the manufacturing process of seamless steel tubes. There are two types of alloy structures and carbon structures. In the field of pipeline transportation, the utilization rate of seamless steel pipes is very high, because compared with other types of transportation methods, pipeline transportation is not only safe, but also relatively low in cost. Therefore, the demand for seamless steel pipes will be relatively large.

Post time: Mar-20-2020