Thick-walled Uneven of Seamless Steel Pipe

Thick-walled uneven of seamless steel pipe
1, During the perforation of seamless steel tubes extending coefficient is too large, roll speed is too high, rolling stable.

2, Throwing punch steel capillary instability could easily lead to the tail of uneven thickness.

3, Seamless steel tube tip cut slope, bend through the large, tube-centering holes errors could easily lead to uneven thickness of the head pipe.

Thick-walled seamless steel pipe uneven Cause Action
1, Note the use of state guide disc and increase the guide disc bolt inspection efforts to reduce lead plate when rolling seamless steel pipe ran amplitude ensure stable cast steel.

2, Check the quality of seamless steel tube to prevent the tube tip cut slope, large reduction, replacement or repair should be corrected pass the centering holes.

Post time: Mar-21-2023