Advanced technology of L390 line pipe controlled cooling

Since the first set of laminar cooling system is applied to L390 line pipe production since, under the joint efforts of national science and technology workers, the control technology has been developed rapidly cooling after rolling. First, the development of technology, the progress reflected in the cooling process and the laminar cooling device; the second is the development of control technology, embodied in the control model, control strategy and progress. Emerging advanced technologies, including:

1. The increase in the general laminar cooling on the basis of the enhanced laminar cooling section ILC, Intensive Laminar Cooling or ultra-rapid cooling device UFC, Ultra Fast Cooling, the cooling rate increased by 5 to 10 times, to meet the different grades production, development requirements, particularly multi-phase steels, super steel, ultra-fine grain steel cooling demand, was a very good grain refinement and precipitation hardening effect.

2. The more advanced laminar cooling device using refined fine tuning segment can be controlled separately in a row gooseneck so hot strip coiling temperature control in the soil 2 .

3. The new laminar cooling device next to a structured way of adding machine high water tower tank, stabilize the pressure at the nozzle, to improve cooling efficiency and cooling purposes. Water towers can save energy, because with a smaller water supply capacity of the pump can be obtained short-term large amount of water. The case can be determined based on the difference between the volume of cooling tower water consumption and the maximum water supply capacity of the pump, in the laminar cooling control valve and frequent opening and closing the water supply system pressure fluctuations can be used to stabilize the machine side of high water tank nozzle pressure.

Post time: Nov-18-2019