Carbon seamless steel pipe process

How the seamless steel pipe is being made?
Seamless steel pipes are made by heating solid ingot and pushing a piercing rod to form a hollow tube. Finishing of seamless steel could be done through techniques such as hot rolled, cold drawn, turned, roto-rolled etc. After going through the finishing process, all pipes are then pressure tested on a machine. The pipes are being stenciled after being weighed and measured. External coating can then be applied for use in the applications for aircraft, missiles, anti-friction bearing, ordnance, etc. The wall thickness for seamless steel pipes range from 1/8 to 26inch outside diameter.

Sizes and shapes of seamless steel pipes and tubes: 
Seamless steel pipes and are available in all sizes. It could be thin, small, precise and slender. These pipes are also available in both solid and hollow. The solid forms are called as rods or bars whereas, the hollow could be specify as tubes or pipes. Seamless steel pipes & tubes are available in rectangular, square, triangular and round shape. However round shape is commonly used and available in market as well.

Usages of Seamless Steel Pipes & Tubes:
Since these pipes are made in electric furnace by melting, it produces a refined steel quality which is stronger and more durable. Being the highest corrosion resistant steels, these kinds of pipes are used for oil and gas industries. These pipes can resist high heat and pressure so, can be exposed to supercritical steams.

Post time: Oct-21-2019