Cold-formed steel

Cold-formed steel refers to the use plates or strip bent in a cold state of the various cross-sectional shape of the finished steel. Cold-formed steel is an economical lightweight thin-walled steel cross-section, also called cold-formed steel profiles. Bending section steel is the main material of light steel structure. It has a hot rolling can produce all kinds of thin, reasonable shape and complex cross section.


Cold-formed steel is one of many varieties of steel in one, a certain width of the strip, under normal temperature conditions through a set of rolls arranged vertically, and gradually deformed, to meet the requirements of shape and size, and then cut into appropriate sizes length. This product is cold-formed steel. Of course, also has a stamping, bending or other deformation methods drawing cold-formed steel. But the roll forming method is suitable for high-volume industrial production, product quality, processing costs, production efficiency unmatched by other methods, is currently a major producer of cold-formed steel technology. If the unit is equipped with welding equipment in (such as high-frequency welding, welding, etc.) but also the production of cold-formed steel sections closed. Cold-formed steel and welded steel main differences are: welded steel pipes are mainly used for conveying fluids such as gas, water. Oil, gas, steam and so on. Requirements steel to withstand a certain pressure, and cold-formed steel is used to manufacture structures to withstand external force on beam cross-section shape, dimensions and mechanical properties have certain requirements.


Cold-formed steel can be divided into open profile steel and closed profile steel categories according to the shape classification.

(1) General opening a cold-formed steel equilateral angle steel with unequal sides, the inner and outer curling curling angle, equilateral and scalene channel, the curling or the outer edge channel, Z section steel, roll edge Z section steel, steel and other special-shaped openings.

(2) closed cold-formed steel is welded closed after the cold-formed steel-shaped cross section, according to the shape of round, square, rectangular and shaped.

Post time: Sep-24-2019