Flexible composite high-pressure delivery pipe

Flexible composite high-pressure delivery pipe is a composite material made ​​of a polymer with a certain high strength, high pressure, corrosion, fouling resistance, friction coefficient, good insulation, good flexibility and long life of a petroleum gas industrial pipe. Flexible composite high-pressure pipeline is from the inner core tube, enhancement layer, the outer protective layer.

Manufacturing flexible composite high-pressure pipeline required materials: polyethylene resin, reinforced fiber yarn, reinforced rope. Flexible composite high pressure into oil pipeline in accordance with the purpose of composite pipe, composite pipe gas, water composite pipe, composite pipe with alcohol injection. And use of various types of different diameter, nominal pressure and wall thickness, there are some differences.

The construction characteristics of flexible composite high-pressure pipeline

1, flexible composite pressure pipeline is as soft tube, it can vary forces lead in the actual process of laying, effectively reducing geological faults, geological fractures, loess, gob disasters such as oil and gas pipelines for the damage.

2, flexible composite pipe produced by high-voltage transmission pipelines, single length need to determine the length of the tube according to requirements, length up to several kilometers, quick and easy installation, greatly reducing the labor intensity, shorten the construction cycle.

3, reducing the steel pipe welding fees, inspection fees, mending fee, corrosion costs, can be relatively good economic and social benefits.

Post time: Oct-21-2019