Galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipe production line

Galvanized steel pipe production line has special requirements, especially in a production environment, this a good environment can help us to better production, improve production efficiency and production quality, especially galvanized steel pipe, this needs a stable environmentproducts especially.

Firstly, it should ensure that the technology, equipment, production lines, heating, ventilation, drainage and meticulous work, all the work centers around the quality of galvanized steel pipe to expand, as long as the quality assurance of galvanized steel pipe, all factors can be achieved.

The application of galvanized steel pipe is very extensive, especially in some of the natural gas pipeline, heating require high strength and quality of the pipeline industry, has a more obvious advantage than other steel pipe galvanized steel pipe. Galvanized steel pipe plumbing tube after a few years of use to produce large amounts of rust, yellow water outflow not only pollute the ware, and mixed with not smooth inner wall of the breeding of bacteria, corrosion caused by high levels of heavy metals in water, seriously endangering the health of the human body. Galvanized steel pipe with a bright white appearance and good corrosion resistance, in addition to the use of hot-dip galvanizing process, using electro-galvanized process.

Galvanized steel tempering hardness

Galvanized steel should be used after quenching oil cooling, steel hardenability better cooling can be hardened in oil, and the deformation of the workpiece, cracking tendency small. But small businesses in the oil supply tight, not complex shape of the workpiece can be quenched in water, found no cracking, but the operator must strictly control their experience into the water, the water temperature.

Galvanized steel workpiece hardness tone quality is still high after the second tempering temperature will increase 20 ~ 50 , otherwise, the hardness decreased difficult. Galvanized steel workpiece after tempering, complex shapes in oil cooling, simple water cooling, in order to avoid the second category. Plastic pipe buried in foreign countries has been widely used because of buried pipes than the cast iron pipe, galvanized steel, cement pipes and other traditional underground pipe has many advantages:

The surface of the plastic pipe buried less strength and rigidity cement pipes, especially reinforced concrete pipe, plastic pipe buried in fact, is a “flexible pipe” in the proper design and laying of the construction of the underground plastic pipe and the surrounding soil to bear load. Therefore, do not need to reach buried plastic pipes and concrete pipes and other “rigid pipe” the same strength and rigidity to meet the underground use of mechanical performance requirements.

Post time: Oct-29-2019