Hot dip galvanizing pipe

Hot dip galvanizing thickness

Length of the hot-dip galvanizing layer anticorrosion coating time is roughly proportional to the thickness. System parts in very severe corrosion conditions of service and (or) require a longer service time, which may be higher than the plated layer thickness requirements of this standard requirements. However, the chemical composition of the zinc coating thickness to be affected by the substrate, the geometric dimensions of the workpiece surface condition, the system components, and hot-dip coating process parameters, such as limiting factors. As long as the thickness of the coating is greater than a predetermined value, the workpiece surface is plated allowed dark or light gray color uneven areas. Galvanized storage under humid conditions workpiece surface allows white rust (zinc oxide based in basic white or gray corrosion products) exist. General HDG workpiece thickness under normal operating conditions should be no flaking and peeling phenomenon. Galvanized after bending and deformation processing resulting coating flaking and peeling phenomenon does not indicate poor adhesion of the coating.

Hot dip galvanizing thickness

 Steel Thickness (mm)  Local Thickness (um)  Average Thickness (um)
>6  70  85
3-6  55  70
1.5-3  45  55
<1.5  35  55

Hot dip galvanized square tube

Hot dip galvanized square tube is used square tube plate or strip after curl forming in the hot dip galvanized pool through a series of chemical reactions forming the square tube; can also be hot-rolled or cold rolled galvanized steel strip after colda hollow square cross-section bend, then the high-frequency welded steel pipe.

Hot dip galvanized square tube has good strength, toughness, ductility and welding process performance and good ductility, the alloy layer with steel base attached to a solid, hot dip galvanized square tube can be cold punching, rolling, drawing a variety of molding and bending without damage to the coating; for general processing such as drilling, cutting, welding, cold bending process. Hot dip galvanized surface bright and beautiful, according to the demand for engineering.

Hot dip galvanized square tube is often used: glass curtain wall, Tower of power, communications, power grids, water and gas transmission, wire casing, housing, bridges, metal structure, power transmission, etc.

Post time: Oct-30-2019