How to choose high-quality pipeline anti-corrosion materials?

How to choose high-quality pipeline anti-corrosion materials?

1. Good stability

This requires that the material has good anti-aging properties and can maintain stable properties at low temperature, high temperature, or in water.

2. Good resistance to mechanical damage

To be able to withstand a certain impact force and pressure, when buried in the soil will not change due to the pressure of the soil.

3. Good wear resistance

Because the pipeline will rub against the soil when it is buried in the soil, if it is not wear-resistant, it will cause the material to fall off.

4. Good insulation

Many pipes are used for the passage of cable lines. If there is no good insulation, leakage is very dangerous once it occurs.

5. Resist the decomposition of various microorganisms

There are a large number of microorganisms in the soil. If they cannot withstand the decomposition of the microorganisms, the material will not protect the pipes.

6. Easy to construct

According to the construction environment and conditions, select suitable anti-corrosion materials.

7. Easy to repair

Pipelines are generally buried underground. Once the anti-corrosion material of the pipeline is damaged, it must be repaired immediately. If it is too complicated, it is not easy to operate.

Post time: Apr-20-2020