How to judge the quality of the pipe insulation

Pipe insulation applications in today’s society is very widespread in many areas have played an important role, in which the steel quality will often produce varying degrees of impact the project will have to select good quality steel will undoubtedly be carried out project to produce good role in promoting.

Poor quality steel tends to be high-quality steel surface with distinction in the use of which is identified in the following areas, you can better choose steel:

1, Steel folding inward, some manufacturers are too high and the pursuit of efficiency in the production process, to the amount of reduction is too large, will cause the steel produced during rolling fold, formed on the surface of various polyline, a significant decline in the strength of the steel .

2, The tube surface appears pitted surface, when used for the production of pipe groove after prolonged use can cause serious wear and tear, will manufacture the pipe surface irregularities.

3, The surface scarring if used to make steel pipe containing impurities, uneven material, and for processing machines too simple, it is very likely impurities bite roll stick, causing scarring.

4, Steel trademarks, printing is not standardized, good quality pipe quality, uniform materials, the phenomenon does not occur irregularities When printing, and uneven material Steel is prone to skew phenomenon during printing.

5, The inner diameter fluctuations, when the steel material is uneven, steel temperature instability or due to poor equipment resulting mill stretch is large, make the steel pipe inner diameter greater fluctuation, resulting in uneven force reinforced, easy to break.

Post time: Oct-30-2019