Inspection of Seamless Steel Pipe

1) seamless steel pipe geometry checking

Seamless steel pipe diameter, wall thickness and curvature, length on the examining table with a caliper, micrometer, and bent on foot, the length of tape to be checked.

Outside diameter, wall thickness and length may also use automatic dimension measuring device (such as the automatic diameter, thickness, length measuring device) in a continuous testing. Late in the 1980 of the 20th century production of seamless steel pipe production plant are generally online automatic diameter, thickness measurement device, in the finishing area, length and weighing equipment. OCTG seamless pipe thread parameters also need to be checked.

(2) seamless steel tubes, the outer surface inspection

Visually check the inside and outside surface is generally used, surfaces in addition to Visual inspection, a reflective Prism is also available for inspection. Some special-purpose seamless steel tube, also called for the adoption of non-destructive testing, including Eddy current, magnetic flux leakage, ultrasonic, magnetic particle inspection on steel surface quality of internal and external checks.

(3) mechanical and technological property check

In order to verify the mechanical properties of seamless steel pipe to meet standard requirements, need for mechanical property testing of seamless steel tube sampling.

Mechanical properties tests include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact, etc. Flattening test for performance testing includes, flaring test, hydrostatic test, crimping test, bending test, perforation test. These test items based on criteria different differences and seamless use and choice.

(4) non-destructive testing

NDT refers to the case without damaging the seamless, direct their internal and surface defects inspection. At present, the magnetic flux leakage testing, ultrasonic, Eddy current and fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, already widely used in the seamless steel tubes used in the enterprise. Nondestructive testing method has developed considerably in recent years, recently appeared a hologram, the ultrasonic frequency spectrum analysis of acoustic emission testing, ultrasonic imaging testing, as well as high temperature ultrasonic testing and other new technologies.

Post time: Jan-27-2021