LSAW steel pipe and hot tension reducing pipe

Difference between lsaw steel pipe and hot tension reducing pipe

Different processes results in differences in product quality, and hot tension reducing pipe in the high-frequency welding pipe also carried out processes that are not conducted in a longitudinal called online Clear and outside burrs. The presence of burrs within the tube will affect the fluid – the flow rate of normal flow of a fluid blocks the burrs, thereby generating a vortex. According to principles of fluid mechanics, welding partial pressure must increase, so that the pipe insurance discontinuity factor is also greatly reduced, hot stretch reducing steel production process – fully considered dangerous glitch exists, to limit burr removal, making it uniform thickness, no difference in the appearance and seamless. So from this point of view, hot stretch reducing pipe joints also completed the seamless transition.

Quality directly determines the quality of the weld pipe, is welded and seamless biggest difference lies. Longitudinal after the high-frequency welding, seam straight sets carbon can not be eliminated, only the weld interface together with the parent, and not completely fused into one, stand the test of time and pressure. Tension Reducing heat in the high-frequency welding pipe to go through the whole heating, the overall annealing temperature of 800 degrees, and then open the change process, after this series of processes, weld and parent organization performance – has been the same, completely melting as one, well done from a seam to a seamless transition.

Of course, the difference between the two is not just limited to the above three points, but suffice lsaw steel pipe and hot stretch reducing significant differences still exist. The latter also be based on the Longitudinal online Clear internal and external burrs, overall heating -, type variable and a series of new processing technology, making it a qualitative leap, can generally be used in high pressure areas, and straight seam welded only limited water gas delivery under a low pressure environment.


Post time: Oct-30-2019