Oil pipe heat treatment furnace

With the difficulty of increasing oil production, depth deepening intensity level for oil well pipes have become increasingly demanding, J55 steel grade oil casing has been increasingly unable to meet the requirements, N80 steel grade level has become routine, P110, Q125 and other steel grade used more widely, and to provide more J55 steel pipe market grade steel, N80, P110, Q125 grade steel procurement is very difficult.

Pipe hanging on the outside quench furnace feeding on the surface of the inclined bench lined up outside the furnace feed roller has a block feeder and pull feeding device, feeding device to pull a steel pipe from the bench to pull material into outside quench furnace feed rollers. Beat to feed, quench furnace feed door open, outside hardening furnace furnace feed roller and feed roller boom, while rapid rotation, the pipe to quench furnace. Pipe positioning quenching furnace by steel positioning device and PLC control. Pipe positioning device is generally composed by two photoelectric switches, and PLC completed by its length measurement speed and positioning of steel in the furnace.

Steel into the furnace in place, inside and outside the furnace feed roller to stop the rotation, this time, the stepping mechanism walking beam furnace is raised, the cantilever rollers of the furnace pipe hold 180mm, activity level of beam advance 140mm, 180mm and then drop the steel beams on the furnace fixed rotation angle bevel gear nest tooth falls within the nest, activity level and then returned to 140mm beam to its original position, complete a forward step action. So beat every feed, walking beam to complete a forward movement, steel beam is moved forward at a fixed pitch 180mm, and flip angle, pipe insulation in the quenching furnace is heated to a temperature quenching process requirements. The walking beam furnace steel prop to quench the material cantilever rollers, discharge door open, hardening furnace discharge cantilever roller and feed roller quenching furnace out the rapid rotation (inverter maximum 2m / S). will be transferred to the furnace steel outer rollers, high pressure water descaling device to splice hardening machine rollers, roller quenching machine splice located two photoelectric switch, steel head to block the first photoelectric switch, roller deceleration, blocking the second photoelectric switch roller stop, steel lightly against fixed bezel. At this time the feeding mechanism quench furnace (a group of Las Dayton leverage) will put on a set of steel prop rotating quench wheel bearing. Corresponds to a set pressure wheel driven by a hydraulic cylinder to suppress the pipe. Pipe support wheel drive is rotated at a high speed of rotation, this time outside shower cylinder retaining plate is removed, poured down outside watering, spraying three-way valve in the commutation, one end in the water from the pipe sprayed into the hole, so outside shower inside the spray quench rotating manner. Quenching time based on the material and thickness of steel usually within 6-30 seconds can be set arbitrarily. After quenching, the outer flap watering denied quench zone to fall into the pit below, in the three-way valve to change the inward spray water into the ground through the bypass pit. Pinch roller away, pulling the feeding mechanism will pull out slide on an empty water pipe system, air lift one end of the water system. At the same time, the compressed air from the nozzle Chit, empty the water after falling reset empty water installations, by feeding gauge steel unit will pull out and sent back to the outside stove furnace feed rollers. Beat to feed, feed back to the stove door open, steel roller was sent back into the furnace, hardening furnace with its transmission mode. Yibubuxiang stove pipe in the back in front by the heat insulation to the process temperature. The material back to the stove door open, back to the stove pipe was sent to out table outside the furnace, the roller before connecting to the feed roller leveler, after some small cooling bed leveler before the pipe is cooled to 450- about 500 degrees, steel straightening machine is pulled forward to the feed rollers and fed straightening Machine. Require straightening machine with quick opening functions to suit the ends of the pipe straightening upsetting.

Post time: Jan-21-2021