304 stainless steel seamless pipe annealing temperature on alloying elements

Production 1000MPaCP standard cold rolled steel annealing cycle is reheated to the annealing temperature of the critical zone, then cooled and maintained at about 400 isothermal deg.] C, above the martensite start temperature (Ms).

1. The volume percentage of ferrite and carbon content area that is critical annealing temperature and time control. During the cooling and insulation, part of the critical region austenite into bainite.

2. Austenite into bainite volume, of isothermal bainite transformation temperature and to determine the time and the C content in austenite and bainite start temperature (of Bs) for TI function. Followed by cooling to room temperature in the process, the formation of martensite, but some may keep an austenitic transformation.

3. Before dip Surface 0.3% Cr and 0.5% Cr steels with XPS. Also we studied the effects of two and two kinds of annealing furnace annealing temperature dew point.

4. 304 seamless stainless steel alloying elements Si, Mn and Cr at low dew point segregation to the surface to form an oxide. In both the annealing temperature, the same surface composition. Temperature difference is quite small, so that the segregation of alloying elements in the amount of no significant impact.

5. Cr content is 0.3%, Cr amount is less on the surface, but no impact on other elements. In Cr2p3 peak energy basis, Cr in the form of Cr2O3 appears on the surface.

Post time: Aug-26-2019