Antirust varnish for oil pipeline

The surge in oil demand is driven by the rapid development of oil exploration, acquisition, refining, and petroleum equipment manufacturing. The production scale of China’s oil pipeline has reached an annual output of 4 million tons. In order to prevent the corrosion of the steel pipe, oil pipeline production spraying or brushing a rust-proof varnish (also known as a hard anti-rust oil), storage, transport, process each year anti-rust oil demand of about 10,000 t. Usually antirust film thickness control at 20μm, and 3 to 6 months outdoor rust preventing capability. With the Chinese oil industry to overseas expansion, into the deep sea, tubing longer period of storage and transportation, the environment worse. Overseas oil companies put a higher demand anti-rust properties of the oil pipeline, pipe store 1 to 2 years, a large area of ​​corrosion in the marine environment, the hot and humid with climate. To this end, China’s steel pipe production enterprises need to be improved in the production process, technology and equipment, pipe rust ability to meet new market demands.

The basic requirements of the rust layer of oil pipeline
According to the oil pipeline production process, the long-distance transport conditions and open stacked, rust-proof varnish should have the following properties: the good performance of the construction, safety and environmental protection, fast drying; film bright, transparent, not cover the Coding identify, do not cover up the steel surface the rusty state; oil pipeline to withstand wind, sun, rain and other environmental conditions, rust-proof layer should have good weather resistance; impact, bumps and shocks during handling and transport of oil pipeline, there is destruction factor, anti-rust layer should have a good impact resistance; shipping, humid tropics job, rust-proof layer should have good resistance to heat, salt spray resistance; ambient temperature in cold winter areas and desert areas in summer, -30 ~ 60 ℃, and the rust layer should have a good temperature variability.

Oil pipeline antirust varnish
China’s oil pipeline rust varnish hard anti-rust oil-modified alkyd varnish, petroleum resin varnish, modified acrylic varnish, asphalt, paint, etc., can also be used to waterborne or environmentally friendly light curing anti-rust varnish. The modified acrylic lacquer good overall performance, and account for a large share of the market. Of several major oil pipeline anticorrosive paint products suppliers are mostly modified acrylic varnish. Coating adhesion, flexibility, resistant to wear and touch, significantly higher than the hardness of the traditional anti-rust paint; rust performance, shipping to ensure that the three months does not rust; cold-resistant, heat-stable performance, minus 40 ° C frozen not crack; transparency exposure without losing light, can be clearly observed to steel pipe is coated surface rust situation; corrosion anti-soaked stable underground five years not degenerate. Modified acrylic lacquer consists of an acrylic resin, a modified resin, a corrosion inhibitor, a light stabilizer, a solvent, etc., and its basic properties are shown in Table 1. The modified acrylic varnish withstand the harsh climate and Cementing affinity test.


Post time: Oct-10-2019