Carbon steel advantages and disadvantages in piping

Advantages of carbon steel pipe: smelting process is relatively simple, low cost, good pressure processing performance, good cutting performance and good mechanical properties. Such as by changing the carbon content and for its proper heat treatment, many of the performance obtained on the industrial production requirements. Because of the low carbon steel prices, production easy, good processing performance, the industry is still the most widely used steel materials, steel products accounted for more than 80% of the total amount.

Disadvantages of carbon steel:

(1) Poor hardenability

After water quenching selection of carbon steel, quenched into the critical diameter of 15 ~ 20mm, 20mm diameter greater than the parts, even if the water can not quench hardenability can not be guaranteed to get the entire cross-section consistent mechanical properties. Therefore, large parts require high, carbon steel is certainly not applicable. The alloy has high hardenability can be used to manufacture large cross-section shape complex parts.

(2) High-temperature strength, low carbon steel, red hardness difference

When the carbon steel at temperatures above 200 , its strength and hardness will soon be reduced. The good stability after tempering alloy. Red hardness, and can operate at higher temperatures.

(3) Weak comprehensive performance

For example, when using quenched to try to get a good overall performance, to ensure high strength, toughness is low, to ensure better toughness, the intensity and low. This is due to the poor stability of carbon steel tempered reason. Therefore, the resulting carbon steel alloy poor overall performance much higher than that alloy has good robustness.

(4) Without good specific performance

For example, requires high temperature hardness or tonicity, antioxidant, corrosion resistance, special electrical, magnetic, etc., can not be obtained with carbon steel, alloy steel chosen to meet only the above requirements.

Post time: Sep-23-2019