Causes and measures of oilpipeline leakages

Resulting oil pipeline leakages is for many reasons, there are some followings below.
Some one-sided pursuit of profit, reduction of investment in safety protection facilities fierce competition in the market economy, in order to reduce costs, the pursuit of high profits, people are quick success, often there are chances, willful neglect of safety, reduction of safety protection facilities investment. In addition, state-owned oil company has been regarded as a leading enterprise, since it is the state-owned enterprises on the “stand toss”, it is this misconception makes some managers ideologically careless, negligent neglect of production and construction process management, the production site run, run, drip, leak precisely the consequences of its mismanagement, can benefit from a variety of spill management often find loopholes. Piping design unreasonable reasons exist congenital defects resulting pipeline is one of the main oil pipeline leak. Usually through the pipe connection part of the sealing structure and the sealing material or pipes conveying the medium pressure, temperature, nature or environmental conditions incompatible. During pipeline installation, failure to comply with operational process of order, it is bound directly related to pipeline installation quality, thereby affecting the runtime pipeline leakage.

Failure of the material forming the facility is to produce the main direct cause of leakage. Therefore research material failure mechanism is an effective means to prevent leakage. According to statistics, corrosion, cracks, wear, etc. leading to material failure, resulting in leakage of the main reasons. If a pipe weld porosity, slag or no penetration, cast iron pipe cracks, blisters; pipeline damaged by abrasion; aging pipes; stress concentration caused by intensity decreased; seal failure, and this will lead to pipeline leakage.

For the above reasons led to the oil pipeline leakage, and take effective measures to prevent leaks to prevent leakage build up layers of defense.
Firstly, ideologically, it should be to establish a “spill prevention is equivalent to increase economic efficiency” understanding. Secondly, the development of a sound management measures to strengthen labor discipline, which is an important measure to prevent leakage.
Secondly, doing preparatory work before pipe installation in the preliminary stages of the pipeline should understand and master the specific circumstances: including pipeline process, the nature of the job, the use of pressure, environmental conditions and special requirements; allowable leakage because of the size of the pipe is directly related pipeline project investment and operating safety, and must therefore be based on extensive research, strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards to determine allowable leakage pipeline, so that “temper justice with degree”; under normal conditions of use predictive pipeline to achieve durable leak-free status sex. While for pipeline leak may occur during operation and contingencies, to formulate a practical and reliable maintenance preventive measures.

It has proved that leaks often require subsequent treatment doubled the price to pay. In the pre-construction and construction take active preventive measures that can effectively reduce the occurrence of leakage and reduce the harm. Therefore, the emphasis Spill Prevention, conducted ahead of the investment, both necessary, but also economic benefits.


Post time: Sep-20-2019