Causes of low pressure boiler tubes diameter larger

Quality carbon structural steel hot-rolled low-pressure boiler tube is used to create various structural low and medium pressure boiler superheated steam pipes, rolling water pipes and superheated steam locomotive boiler tubes, opium pipe, small pipe and brick arch tubes and cold Stubbs (rolled) seamless. Mainly used in industrial boilers and boiler life low pressure fluid transportation pipeline.

Under different reducing the amount of different drawing styles to pull air low-pressure boiler tube diameter minimize the impact of the amount of non-even pull passes a reduced diameter than the inner wall of the mold and foreign process by radial pressure, radial pressure die hole diameter to expand, which is proportional to the expanding volume with radial pressure. Experimental results show that the degree of hardening empty pull low pressure boiler tubes metal, tensile strength, the amount of the expanded diameter hole and the outer mold pull low-pressure boiler tube outer diameter is proportional to the size of the increase and the amount of deformation, and head _ even Stubbs Road Stubbs Road attained unconnected times the outer diameter of the expansion of the value of large, small diameter reduction amount. In general, even pull passes extent than non-hardening even pull big passes. The same passes, the greater the amount of deformation, the degree of low pressure boiler tubes hardening the greater hardening the strength of the deformation of the metal increased, the plastic lower unit metal deformation reducing the force required to increase the difficulty of the plastic deformation plus large, and increases the relative ratio of the elastic deformation. Even Stubbs Road consists of ten plus times great work hardening, therefore, deformation of the metal deformation zone after leaving the rebound aftereffect and outer expanding volume than non-connected pull big passes.

Post time: Nov-11-2019