Coiling temperature for hot rolled strip

Coiling temperature change can make the hot rolled strip steel recrystallization grain size, the quantity of deposition and morphology changes, making it change mechanical properties. Finish rolling temperature must, raise the coiling temperature, causes recrystallized grains becomes large, the maximum yield, the tensile strength decreases, the coiling temperature is an important factor to affect the rolling strength hot rolled steel sheet manufacturing, and extending i.e. the material also affect workability strict management and control, it is necessary for the coiling temperature.

Coiling temperature control after finishing mill strip cooling system control. In actual production, the control of the cooling system not only determines the accuracy of the strip length of the coiling temperature, but also on the strip head, particularly thin gauge strip running stability in the output rollers have a greater impact.

The purpose of the laminar flow cooling of the hot-rolled steel strip is cooled from the final rolling temperature to a predetermined coiling temperature. The laminar cooling system control idea is to determine a critical surface temperature, taken at the same temperature above the dense water reaches a critical value, so that rapid cooling; then taken the sparse the sprinkler manner or air cooling so that the strip of heat exchange inside and outside, to achieve uniform cooling; Finally, according to the measured strip temperature fine adjustment was cooled to reach a coiling temperature of the permissible tolerance range. Furthermore, uniform and wear it with stabilization system in order to strip the full-length performance of strip head, the middle of the tail provides various cooling mode.

Coiling temperature control hardware and system improvements
(1) improved laminar flow cooling apparatus, coarse to fine tuning, in order to further improve the control accuracy.
(2) arranged in the form of laminar flow cooling apparatus has been improved to increase the regulation of the feedback control to move to a certain position, to increase the intermediate thermometer.
(3) in the control system, the increase in the computer used exclusively for the control of the laminar cooling control cycle is further shortened (1s), and conducive to the further development of the control model and control software.

Post time: Oct-23-2019