Construction of concrete filled steel tube

Part of the concrete column is less and less weld, simple structure, the pedestal reserved for the cup often used in concrete on the basis of the stick-type column insert foot, which is relatively simple manufacturing plants, while a smaller component weight, transport and Lifting is also easier, construction is simple, concrete and steel columns were ravioli rolled sheet, plate thickness is not large, generally less than 40m, regardless of the factory site welding and docking, have no difficulty. At the same time, compared with the key reinforced concrete columns, steel skin of the concrete column has reinforced function, the role of both longitudinal and transverse steel stirrups, so did steel inner tube, saving material and steel banding and a series of reinforced, Also, because the column jacket pipe itself is resistant to lateral pressure of the template, but also save the formwork and form removal processes. In recent years, quite common brick pumping, poured on-site no difficulty, of creation and widespread use of high Paola not vibrated concrete construction methods, more streamlined site – concrete steps, simple construction. In the lower part of the column is also open temporary watering hole with concrete pump pouring of concrete bottom-up approach, not only fast, but also to ensure the quality of watering. Moreover, after pouring steel pipe in fairly stable humidity conditions, water can not evaporate, eliminating the need for water conservation processes, simplifying the curing process of concrete.

In the production of steel components, installation requirements:

concrete columns with steel pipe, high welding production requirements. General should be given priority spiral welded pipe, spiral welded pipe when no, you can also use their own bed roll rolled steel, but the coils of steel rolling direction should be perpendicular to the direction of the diameter of the tube and have certain requirements. Welding steel production in addition to the general requirements to strictly ensure the tube flat, straight, without warping, surface rust and shock marks. Particularly its pipe wall of rust requirements. It may increase the steel production cycle;

in the component production process, steel butt is a difficulty. Structural requirements limb after welding pipe must be straight, which requires to take appropriate action when soldering and welding of special attention and consideration to the order of welding deformation effect. Tube butt weld leg before, for small diameter pipe should be tack-welded. For large diameter pipe should be the other with additional reinforcement welded steel tube for temporary fixed-linking welding. In the steel butt welding process, if found tack-welded seam at the emergence of micro-cracks, the microcracks site must eradicate all re-welding. In order to ensure the quality of the weld joint of the, at the scene splicing in the pipe joints must set up additional liner. For lattice column to the required size and angle connector assembly limb tubes and a variety of webs must be accurate. In particular gap webs at the pipe joint and limb should be used intersection curve automatic pipe cutting machine according to the diameter of the pipe end and angle of contact surface of the pipe is cut space. If there is no automatic sheet metal cutting machines should be expanded view of staking out cutting. Often used in high-rise buildings in adjustable pipe, adjustable tube butt on is a construction difficulty, adjustable at the node structure is more complex, it will undoubtedly affect the progress of the construction.

Post time: Sep-27-2019