Adjustment and parameters of seamless steel tubes perforation

Seamless steel pipe perforation machine pass adjust main parameters are: rolls from the guide plate (guide plate, guide rollers) from ovality, feed angle, angle jarring, head diameter, Head reduction rate before the roll speed and the guide disc Wait.

(1) Roll distance is the shortest distance between two left and right or up and down the roll at the throat. Roll distance is usually determined by the diameter of the blank and the total amount of reduction is the most important adjustment parameter.

(2) Guide plate (guide plate, guide rollers) refers to the vertical distance between the two guide plate (guide plate, guide rollers) at the root of the shortest distance. Guide plate (guide plate, guide rollers) for deformation of perforated lateral limits and play a guiding role. Guide plate (guide plate, guide rollers) from the direct impact of changes ovality.

(3) A guide disc ovality (guides, guide roller) than the distance between the roll distance. Indicates the degree oval hole adjusted. Ovality make adjustments to maintain a certain cross-section rolling elliptical shape, you can change the degree of lateral deformation of rolling, the control section perimeter achieve expanding, Equal rolling. Oversized oval degree increased lateral deformation of the product quality negatively.

(4) For rolling angle is the angle Φ roll axis and the rolling line in the horizontal plane of projection. Jarring barrel roll angle is generally less than 5 °. Jarring angle Φ250 mm precision rolling unit of piercing mill is 10 ° ~ 15 °. Roll “cone” size and the degree of angle for rolling about. Jarring larger the angle, roll small diameter seamless steel pipe end (biting end) to big-endian (dished end) the greater the change, the circumferential velocity and direction points along the pass line roll surface velocity increment is also greater.

(5) Feeding angle is the angle between the axis of the roll and the pass line in the vertical plane of projection. Φ250 mm feed angle precision rolled seamless steel pipe unit piercing mill is 5 ° ~ 12 °. Feed the larger the angle, roll rate component of the forward direction of the greater, namely seamless steel pipe forward sooner, but pitch Oblique Rolling the greater, the greater the punch load.

(6) Head diameter perforated inner diameter capillary related. Generally, the larger the diameter of the plug, the inner diameter of the seamless pipe piercing greater.

(7) Guide plate guide plate Face longitudinal speed line speed. Active rotating guide plate, the linear velocity of longitudinal face should be greater than rolling forward longitudinal velocity, which rolled into the drag effect of longitudinal friction, enhanced longitudinal flow of metal. Guide disc speed is generally controlled at 1.5 to 3.0 times the rolling speed.

(8) The top front reduction ratio refers to the diameter reduction rate in the blank plug tip (nose) Department, expressed as a percentage.

(9) Generally refers to the theoretical speed for longitudinal perforation roll surface speed at the outlet of the capillary, but the actual penetration rates due to the impact of metal slip than theoretical calculations of the roll surface low longitudinal velocity component. But the metal cone piercing mill is smaller than the barrel slip perforated confidential, so the actual speed is relatively high perforation of seamless steel tubes, seamless steel tubes and thus piercing efficiency is higher.

Post time: Aug-30-2019