Causes of steel pipe recrystallization texture

In the hot deformation, the grains, impurities and defects in the second phase and a variety of metal inside the maximum extension along the main deformation direction is elongated, attenuated, and the intensity of the formation of the fiber direction is higher than the strength of the material in the other direction ( If more apparent squeeze effect), materials exhibit different degrees of anisotropy.

In addition, thermal deformation can be deformed simultaneously pan texture and recrystallization texture, they also make the material appear directivity and uniformity. 16Mn steel and aluminum reply in hot deformation process. Aluminum and its alloys in the hot deformation process of stacking fault energy is large, self-diffusion can be small. At high temperatures, the dislocation slip and climb relatively easily. Therefore, the dynamic response is that they are the only institution in the heat softening during deformation. After the high temperature deformation of aluminum alloy was observed immediately, in the organization can see a large number of responses subgrain. The dynamic response of the organization to keep down the wear-resistant composite pipe has been successfully used to increase the strength of 6063 alloy extruded profile building. Aluminum and aluminum alloy tubes in cold, thermal processing sticky, easy to adhere to the tool to form various surface defects, raw processing technology should be well lubricated. Meanwhile, the surface finish and surface hardness mold are required to pay high. In addition to aluminum, may control the extrusion speed, the other alloys have their own suitable extrusion speed range. It should choose adjustable speed extruder, while strictly controlling the temperature of the extrusion process, speed, avoid Buddhist monk’s robe pattern.

40Cr steel and many aluminum alloys at high temperatures, high pressure, high vacuum conditions are easily welded together. Thus to the production tubing to create favorable conditions. Plane split mold and the tongue-shaped die extrusion is to use the feature to produce pipes. This not only expands the pipe varieties and uses, and can use ordinary bar extruder and solid ingot to economic pressure pipe cross-section is very complex and porous pipes.

Post time: Oct-10-2019