Construction of cement mortar steel pipe

Construction of cement mortar in two ways. First floor centrifugation. Mainly suitable for pipes lined with construction DN400 caliber or less. But underground spraying, mainly applied to DN700 diameter pipeline corrosion construction above the ground.

Cement mortar pipe corrosion: a mixture of cement, sand and water, called cement mortar. Commonly referred to as 1: 3 cement mortar with 1 part cement and 3 parts sand with, in fact, ignoring the composition of the water, usually in the ratio of about 0.6, which should be 0.6: 1: 3 cement mortar use in construction projects in, first base and wall masonry, masonry block used as an adhesive material, such as masonry rubble, red brick to use cement mortar; the second is used for interior and exterior plastering. Cement mortar when in use, they often incorporated additives such as micro-foaming agent, waterproofing powder to improve its workability and viscosity. Cement mortar in proportion to join the stones, they become concrete. Grade cement mortar strength is meant by standard methods for the production and maintenance of the cube specimens, in 28d age, a value measured by Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of the overall distribution. Wherein the device includes a steel shot blasting machines, three PE winding equipment, PE pipe black and yellow jacket pulling machines, sand-blasting equipment, polyurethane Low Fat Kee, foam platform, FRP winding machine, two PE coating, cement corrosion insulation mortar spraying machines and other ancillary testing equipment. The company can undertake single and double steel pipe fusion bonded epoxy powder (FBE), double polyethylene (2PE) and three polyethylene (3PE), double polypropylene (2PP), and three poly propylene (3PP), coal tar epoxy pipe coating, polyurethane prefabricated buried pipe insulation, black and yellow jacket pipe insulation, IPN8710 corrosion anti-corrosion coating polymer, epoxy pipe corrosion, high-density polyethylene pipe corrosion, corrosion of cement mortar lining, prefabricated buried pipe insulation corrosion and other projects.

Cement mortar lining Performance: Due to steel pipe filled with concrete, can absorb a lot of heat, so the string section when subjected to fire temperature field distribution is very uneven, increasing the pillar of fire-resistant, slow heating rate of steel columns, and once yielding steel columns, concrete can withstand most of the axial load, to prevent structural collapse. The fire resistance of composite beam will increase as the temperature of the steel beam from the top flange of the heat will be transferred to the concrete increases. The experimental statistics show: up to 3 hours fire resistance level requirements can be saved and compared with fire retardant coating steel columns 1/3 a 2/3 or even more, with the pipe diameter increases, saving the more paint.

Post time: Sep-16-2019