Difference between uoe and jcoe pipe

Difference between uoe and jcoe pipe

Large-caliber, high delivery pressure, long transport distances and multiple types of transport medium is the main symbol of the pipeline industry technological progress, but also the general trend of the pipeline industry development. With the development of China’s oil industry, the gas line, second-line, and other large-scale projects ongoing, large diameter, wall thickness of the high-pressure pipeline, greatly improving demand. The traditional spiral seam welded pipe has been unable to meet the requirements in terms of capacity and safety performance, large diameter, wall thickness, high grade LSAW pipes to replace the spiral welded pipe has become an inevitable trend. LSAW pipe reliable quality, has been widely used in foreign countries for the oil and gas of the high-voltage transmission trunk line. In recent years, the country will also gradually formed LSAW pipe production capability, mainstream pipe UOE technology and JCOE of technology.

With the improvement of the steel grade, pipeline construction, straight seam submerged arc welded pipe to become the first choice of most of the main trunk line, especially in the harsh natural environment, the densely populated marine pipeline. “West-East Gas Pipeline Project, for two, three, four types of large caliber straight seam submerged arc welded pipe, 14% is made JCOE tube, and the rest is imported UOE pipe.

UOE production process

Material on a steel plate converter refining continuous casting slab welding arc board Milling pre U molding O high-pressure water forming dry presoldering welding outer welding flange removal cited arc board weld and pipe pipe end expanded diameter of the end of the ultrasonic flaw detection X-ray inspection Pipe tube end welds polished flathead hydrostatic test weld pipe end X-ray examination of the ultrasonic testing of the weld and pipe end end of stratification and magnetic particle inspection remanence demagnetization the factory inspection weighing chamfer tube guard ring length measurement spray mark stacked shipping

JCOE production process

Material re-vacuum hanging board probe flap planing curl before demi plate (J molding) on ​​the board edge →  loose enter demi steel plate (C molding) demi steel plate curl loose out bend pre-welded welding cited the (quenching) arc board welding Qing root Weld mechanical repair end to cited hydrostatic test (put out) arc the board ultrasonic inspection mechanical expanding tube end of the ultrasonic inspection ring X-ray inspection Magnetic particle inspection of the finished product inspection weighing and measuring the length of the UT stratification test outside anticorrosion inner corrosion mark delivery

Production of UOE and JCOE, different product differentiation

The view from the two production processes, both in the process of forming the front and rear is basically the same, the biggest difference is that the molding way. The UOE forming mainly consists of two steps: the U forming and O molding. And JCOE forming part of the program is divided into six parts, production efficiency is greatly reduced. Forming different way, leading to the the UOE and JCOE differences in diameter, wall thickness, dimensions, production efficiency, yield ratio.

The UOE line pipe and JCOE of pipeline pipe from the comparative analysis of the production process and production cost, the following conclusions:

(1) UOE production efficiency, capacity, and replacement of the mold longer period, more suitable for the production

(1) UOE production efficiency, capacity, and the replacement of mold longer period, more suitable for the production of large quantities, the product of a single specification; production less efficient JCOE, a mold corresponding to a variety of specifications, more suitable for the production of small volume, multi-specification products.

(2) the UOE produce products diameter range and thickness range should be less than JCOE, but fully able to meet the requirements of the project.

(3) From a performance point of view, UOE line pipe compared JCOE the have residual stress, high precision Dimensions yield advantages than small.

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