Accident causes and prevention of oil and gas pipeline engineering disasters

Gas Pipeline Hazardous Factors

Under normal circumstances, the gas is transported in a closed system, once the system failure leading to custody transfer of natural gas leaks, natural gas is mixed with air to form an explosive gas to reach the explosive limit or a case of point water will fire explosion.

1. Piping material defects or welding defects. Pipe defects can lead to the pipeline strength mainly the cracks or breakage, construction quality, but off, the poor quality of the welded pipe joints or end of penetration, causing the pipe strength is not enough, you can not maintain a safe operating requirements. Which occurred in the natural gas leak, posing a fire accident.

2. Pipe inner surface wear and corrosion. Gas containing dust particles such as sand, rust, mechanical impurities with the air flow, you can wear pipeline damage, the project of natural gas containing C02, CO: acidic gas dissolved in water to form H: CO on metal There are certain corrosive. If the water dew point of failure or pressure test pigging not thorough drying tube the memory water generated within corrosion, corrosion serious cause pipeline damage, caused the accident.

3. The outer surface of the pipe corrosion. Because the pipeline external coating in the transportation, construction damage. Without timely repair or can not meet the anti-corrosion needs, pipeline cathodic protection system failure, pipe laying strong corrosive soil around plant roots anti-corrosion leading to accidents. Near the gas pipeline is subject to parallel power lines, electric railway, oil pipeline and gas pipelines parallel or variable distribution facilities, easy gas pipeline buried near the stray current increase pipeline corrosion hazards, resulting in leakage, fire, explosions and other accidents.

4. Stress cracking. The presence of residual stresses in the pipe manufacturing process, there is a temperature difference between the temperature and the operating temperature of pipeline construction, causing the pipeline along the thermal stress is generated in the axial direction, may lead to rupture of the pipe.

5. Pipeline put into operation. When the pipeline is put into operation, pigging not thorough drying, clean water remaining in the pipe, will accelerate the pipeline corrosion, pipeline remnants accelerate valves, equipment wear and corrosion products, increased leak dangerous.

Prevention and fire-fighting measures
The main measures are: (I) control and eliminate sources of ignition; (2) strictly control the quality of the equipment, the selection of qualified worrying too much, separator, flow, pressure, temperature instrumentation; (3) before the commissioning of the pipeline pressure test required ; (4) regularly checks and maintenance of equipment, instrumentation; (5) in the station to build a fire ban area, danger signs affixed to the job site; (6) the development of rules and regulations and safety procedures, strict discipline process to prevent accidental The operation led to a natural gas leak; (7) adhere to the inspection tours, identify problems and timely treatment: (8) pigging Clear injection water treatment before the solid waste to be cleaned regularly, to monitor the content of iron

Post time: Sep-09-2019