Cold roll steel pipe process

With the development of industry, national defense and science and technology, especially the development of the aviation, automobile manufacturing, nuclear, rocket, missile, space technology, and machinery manufacturing industries, the requirement to provide a growing number of increasingly high quality varieties expandinga variety of sophisticated, thin-walled, shaped and high strength pipe. The cold rolling is one of the production of precision, thin-walled, high-strength, high-quality pipe main methods.

Seamless steel pipe is used do the billets by the cold roll steel. According to the number and different steel furnace number, batch number stacked with rack. Lifting to the bench surface quality and appearance and dimensional inspection, the important purpose of steel pipe and a high alloy steel tube, before the examination needs first to expose the defect after pickling, found defective blank tube, can be used grinding wheel dressing. Press length length cutting, annealing; Bundled evacuation pickled to remove oxide scale and then sent to copper plating or phosphating treatment, after washing and rinsing of the pickling tank at its purpose is to reduce the rolling process the metal and the friction of the roll, reducing energy consumption, and to extend the life of the tool and improving the amount of deformation, so as to achieve the purpose of improving productivity. Then through the hot water and drying and inspection, coated with soap and rushed cold rolling mill rolling. For the high alloy steel, stainless steel tube, in order to improve its ductility in the pickling predecessor appropriate heat treatment or straightening. Coating lubricant on the tube and the mandrel during cold rolling in timely injector or lubricating fluids to reduce friction and since the process cooling effect.

By one after rolling, if the need for the second rolling, the need to cut off and after the annealing and straightening, the above procedure was repeated once again. The finished section and cold drawn steel pipe sent finishing workshop.

Disadvantage of cold rolled is the complexity of the equipment and tools, each model mill adapt to the narrow range of varieties, reducing small. Therefore, in the large-scale production, the use of co-processing of cold-rolled and cold-drawn.

Post time: Sep-23-2019