• Titanium Pipe/Tube

    Titanium Pipe/Tube

    Titanium seamless tube is processed by the breakdown of titanium ingot, extruding to titanium tube billet. Then produce titanium tubes to appropriate size with series of processes such as multiple rolling, annealing, pickling, and grinding technology. Titanium welded tube is by selecting a suitable thickness of the high quality cold rolled titanium plate, after the process of flattening, cutting and washing, then rolled up titanium plate into tubular, welding by the whole automatic welding eq...
  • Titanium Rod / Bar

    Titanium Rod / Bar

    Titanium bar are divided into pure titanium bar and titanium alloy bars. For pure titanium bars we mainly provide Gr1, Gr2, Gr4 and other grades; we provide titanium alloy bars of Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr11, Gr12, Gr16, Gr23 etc. Titanium bar is one of the most common kinds of titanium products. It is the base material of many titanium products for further processing. The larger diameter titanium bar can be directly produced by forging. We have the free forging equipment which helps to produce the l...
  • Titanium Sheet / Plate

    Titanium Sheet / Plate

    Common Grades Titanium Grade 1 is an unalloyed, low strength titanium product containing low oxygen with high form ability; this titanium grade is used in air frames, heat exchanges and desalination units. Titanium Grade 2 is an unalloyed, medium strength titanium product. This titanium grade is used in air frames, aircraft engines and marine parts; good weld ability and corrosion resistance are its distinguishing characteristics. Titanium Grade 3 is an unalloyed, high strength, titanium pro...
  • Titanium Wire / Silk

    Titanium Wire / Silk

    We could provide tantalum wire of vacuum electron beam melting and powder metallurgy technology, General purpose of tantalum wire was produced by vacuum electron beam melting technology,it has a relatively high purity. Capacitor grade tantalum wire usually was produced by powder metallurgy technology, it contains more special metal elements. Tantalum wire was produced on the basis of tantalum bar. first of all, rolling out the appropriate size of tantalum bar, cleaning the tantalum bar, to r...
  • Titanium Flange

    Titanium Flange

    Types of Titanium Flange   Titanium Slip On Flanges Titanium Raised Face Slip On Flanges Ti. Alloy Slip On Plate Flanges Titanium Slip On Flanges ASME SB381 Ti. Alloy Slip On Flanges   Titanium Weld Neck Flanges Titanium Raised Face Weld Neck Flanges Titanium Alloy Weld Neck Flanges Titanium Weld Neck Flange ASTM B381 Titanium WNRF Flange   Titanium Blind Flanges Titanium Raised Face Blind Flanges Titanium Alloy Blind Flanges Titanium Blind Flange ASTM B381 Titanium BLRF Flanges   ...
  • Titanium Disc / Target

    Titanium Disc / Target

    Name Size(MM) Grade Specification Titanium Disc φ50-1000 Height:35-110 TA1,TA2, TA3,TA4, TC4, TC11, TC15etc GB/T,GJB, ASTM,A   Product Size(mm) Grade Nos Specification Diameter Section Height Titanium & Titanium Alloy Discs Φ(150~300) 20~600 TA1,TA2,TA3, TA4,TA9,TA10, TA15,TC4 GB/T,ASTM, ASME,AMS, ISO,JIS,MIL Φ(300~500) 20~600 Φ(500~1100) 35~600
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