Exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe installed in the engine exhaust manifold and muffler, which make the entire exhaust system was flexible coupling, which play a vibration and noise reduction, easy installation and extended exhaust muffler system life role. Exhaust pipes are mainly used for light trucks, mini trucks and buses, motorcycles, exhaust pipe structure is a double bellows covered with steel mesh sleeve, both ends of the straight section jacket snap ring structure, for the muffler better , bellows expansion joints can be equipped with an internal or nets. The main exhaust pipe made of stainless steel, card sets and takeover may be made of stainless steel or aluminized steel.

Auto exhaust pipe of the car body terms of the role played noise damping, extended exhaust muffler system life role. Exhaust pipe main material is stainless steel. For the average car, since the car’s exhaust gases leave the engine a lot of pressure, which produces noise may make people feel mad, then play a major role is the car muffler exhaust pipe, silencer installed in its internal device, greatly reducing vehicle noise. And its main working principle is the flow of air through a multi-channel shunt, shunt saw them hit each other so that the airflow velocity friction gradually reduced, so repeated cycles, and ultimately makes the exhaust gas through the car’s exhaust pipe effluent discharge, making the noise reduction! So as to achieve the effect of noise reduction routine car.

Auto exhaust pipe dripping phenomenon often prove your car full combustion engine, the exhaust pipe dripping reason is because auto generated after complete combustion of gasoline is carbon dioxide and water, hot water is turned into steam, water vapor at high temperatures was colorless and transparent, but the water below 100 ° when the water vapor will condense into water, if small and condensed water droplets suspended in the air, water vapor will appear as white gas, but the temperature is low, discharge trachea white smoke is water vapor; if condensed water droplets accumulate, it becomes water. Exhaust pipe of the water droplets is generated after the combustion of gasoline vapor in the exhaust pipe and muffler condensation results, but when the ambient temperature is high, no condensation of water vapor has been discharged, when the environment the temperature is low, water vapor will condense into water droplets in the exhaust pipe wall, and with the exhaust gas out. This phenomenon in most automobile relatively normal.

Post time: Oct-25-2019