The method of seamless steel pipe cutting machine error

The main factors affecting the quality of seamless steel pipe cutting all aspects of machine tools, tools, fixtures, workpiece blank, process methods and processing environment. To improve the quality of seamless steel pipe cutting, these aspects must be taken on appropriate measures, such as reducing the work machine error, the correct selection of cutting tools to improve the rough quality, reasonable arrangement process, improve environmental conditions.

Reduced machine cut error seamless commonly used methods are:

selection with sufficient accuracy and rigidity of the machine.

can be taken when necessary compensation correction methods, such as the thread grinder or hobbing machine transmission chain according to previously measured error adding error correcting means for correcting the machine transmission errors.

the use of jigs and fixtures to ensure accuracy, such as the use of die machining Boring holes on the box, so that the pitch accuracy is not affected by the decision of the boring mold machine tool positioning errors.

prevent thermal deformation of the machine tool on machining accuracy.

eliminate internal vibration source machine isolation and take measures to reduce the effects of vibration on the 16mn seamless precision and roughness.

improve machine automation, as measured by active or automatic control system to reduce processing seamless steel pipe human error.

The correct selection of cutting tools

Should wear a good tool, a reasonable selection tool geometry and carefully milled edge, making it smooth and sharp. For example, by abrasive machining, generally used in smaller, hard abrasive abrasive wheel to the correct and timely repair.

Improve the quality of the blank

Workpiece blank material should have a uniform allowance and, at the same time the use of appropriate heat treatment, such as aging, annealing, normalizing, quenching and other measures to mitigate stress and improve the machinability of the material.

Reasonable arrangements process

Using reasonable technology program; the correct selection of cutting parameters, 16mn seamless steel pipe to reduce cutting forces and cutting heat, and to prevent self-excited vibration; appropriate choice of cutting fluid to the cutting zone sufficient cooling and lubrication; select the workpiece when you install a positioning reference and clamping attention to reduce the mounting error and pipe deformation.

Improved environmental conditions

Keep the environment clean; take quarantine measures against external vibration source and a heat source; precision machining at a constant temperature, humidity and dust conditions.

Post time: Sep-12-2019